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115.46 Million HLCs Have Been Burned


HLC Foundation would like hereby officially announce that 115.46 million HLCs have been burned from October 30 to November 6, 2019.

According to the HLC Foundation’s plan, the deadline for the burning plan is 12 am on November 19, 2019.

According to the economic model released earlier, the HLC Token that participates in the burning program will obtain a higher proportion of the main network coin exchange amount when mapping the main network. This incentive has been recognized by more and more community members.

In order to ensure the safe and transparent burning program, the HLC Token burning record will be saved in the block browser for viewing; the HLC Token destruction program must be operated by KAHF wallet, users can download or update the latest version of KAHF wallet

The download link for KAHF wallet :


KAHF wallet burning tutorial :


Burning quantity and progress query:


HLC Foundation hereby reminds that HLC Token burning program is executed by a smart contract. After the user completes the burning, it will receive the burning certificate. With this certificate, the Qitmeer main network mapping right can be obtained in the future. Remember to refer to the KAHF wallet when burning. Under the “Asset” tab, the burning interface operation cannot transfer money directly from the exchange to the black hole address. Otherwise, all losses will be borne by the user.