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Kahf Wallet Is Now Available For Public Test


2019 Aug 10th

HLC Foundation would like hereby officially announce that Kahf wallet is officially going to be available for public test.

The open beta version of Kahf wallet provides digital asset management, Dapp distribution, information market and other services, which is the one-stop ecological flow entrance of Qitmeer public chain. As a professional digital asset wallet, Kahf has unique competitive advantages that a set of mnemonic words can create a multi-chain wallet, making it easy to backup; Users can hold their private keys and complete smart contract matching without trusting a third party, which is efficient and transparent. Kahf supports cross-chain transactions of various public chains, such as BTC and ETH, and Kahf enables users to experience the advantages of Qitmeer public chain in terms of security and fast transactions.

Kahf is the literal translation of Semitic language, which implies to use money in a wise and pure way.

Beta Version :0.5.1