About - Qitmeer

Qitmeer assets issurance componet, OP_TOKEN, is based on UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) transaction model, to support massive islamic economic liquidity. OP_TOKEN ensures assets backed by native currency and requires authority-owned licenses to publish assets, which is designed for sharia consideration scenarios.

Step 1: Prepare Enviroment

  • Windows 10

    • install opencl sdk ,recommend cuda v10.1 see here
  • Ubuntu 19

    • need display card driver
$ sudo apt-get install beignet-dev nvidia-cuda-dev nvidia-cuda-toolkit 

Step 2: Run Miner

  • Download miner from the release here

  • Unzip the file

  • Run with config file halachainminer.conf

    • modify the config params

      • mineraddress=TmRvuqtjb3DsYQJTcEZQZD5qfJWcMggdEYP
      • rpcserver=
      • rpcuser=test
      • rpcpass=test
    • open cmd tools

    • cd miner directory

# run
$ cd (miner directory)
$ ./hlc-miner


  • Run with solo command line
$ cd (miner directory)
$ ./hlc-miner -s -u test -P test --symbol HLC --notls -i 24 -W 256 --mineraddress RmN4SADy42FKmN8ARKieX9iHh9icptdgYNn 

Param Description

  • --dag the node is dag node
  • -s the node rpc listen address
  • -u the node rpc username
  • -P the node rpc password
  • --symbol now just HLC is supported
  • --i Intensities (the work size is 2^intensity) up to device
  • --W The explicitly declared sizes of the work to do up to device (overrides intensity)
  • --mineraddress the miner address
  • -o the pool address
  • -m the pool user account address

1. Install wallet app

  • Download the wallet App
Download TestFlight from your phone, open the latest wallet App, and click install on your phone。(Note: this version only for the use of internal testing, if you have installed a wallet version, reinstall must make a backup before, you need to guide the ⼊ wallet。)
  • Trust application certificate(The ios version)

    • Open iOS phone Settings -> general -> device management -> select app -> popover select trust。

    • After trust the certificate, open your wallet and use it normally。

2. Create wallets and backups

  • After opening the wallet, click “Create wallet” on the homepage to start creating a wallet


  • Fill in the identity name, wallet password, prompt information, and tick “Service Privacy Probisions”,Click “Create” to complete the creation of the wallet


  • After successful registration, you will be prompted to backup your wallet mnemonic. Click “Start backup”.


  • Go to the following picture, click [Next] to enter the page of confirming mnemonic words, click the order of mnemonic words to verify your mnemonic words or select [Later].


Matters needing attention:
  • Write down your mnemonic words by hand in order and neatly (in your notebook, notebook, notebook, say important things three times), and keep them in a safe place;

  • Make sure you don’t take screenshots, someone took screenshots of mnemonic accounts stolen。Bear in mind that!

  • Mnemonic words are important, enabling you to recover (generate) your wallet and reset your password, and move all the assets out of your wallet; image

3. Add digital currency varieties

  • On the wallet page, click on the plus sign to see which currencies the ETH wallet supports, select the ones you need to light up and go back to the home page。


4. Receipt and transfer

  • Receipt (two methods)

  • Click [Receipt] on the wallet page to display the qr code and the collection address。


  • Click on the wallet page in any currency, so ETH for example I click on ETH and go to the following page. There are two options at the bottom,The Receipt point opens the same as above。


  • Transfer (two methods)

  • Click [Transfer] on the wallet page, enter the transfer page, select the currency, input the receiving address or scan the receiving qr code and transfer amount, and click the next step to input the transaction password for transfer。


  • Click the wallet page for any currency. I take ETH as an example and click on ETH to go to the following page. There are two choices at the bottom,The Transfer point is the same as above。


5. The wallet back

  • Click the page [Recovery wallet]


  • Enter the restore wallet page, fill in the mnemonic word, identity name, wallet password and prompt information, and click “Recovery wallet” to restore the wallet


6. Other features

Click on the TAB to toggle between the options

  • News:View blockchain dynamic information

  • Browser:Wallet blockchain browser

  • My Profile:Personal information Settings